Here you will find a selection of some of the special plants found on Nirvana Fynbos Reserve. Most of the species below are listed on the IUCN Red Data List.
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Diastella proteoides (Flats silkypuff)
Protea family

Sprawling shrub with pink flowers resembling miniature proteas, with narrow leaves. «Critically endangered, with some sources listing it as extinct in the wild».
Protea repens (Sugarbush)
Protea family

Tree with elongated leaves, bearing pink cup-shaped flowers, with copius, sweet nectar.
Leucospermum hypophyllocarpodendron (Pincushion)
Protea family

Sprawling shrub with narrow, erect leaves, bearing characteristic, sweetly-scented yellow flowers. «Vulnerable».
Leucospermum parile (Malmesbury pincushion)
Protea family

Erect, spreading shrub with narrow, silvery leaves, bearing scented, yellow-red flowers. «Critically endangered».
Serruria (Sandveld spiderhead)
Protea family

Shrub with fine leaves, bearing clusters of sweetly-scented, creamy pink flowerheads. «Vulnerable».
Leucadendron (Conebush)
Protea family

Small tree, leaves typical of the protea family, yellow to red at the tips. Female plant bears cones. Most leucadendron species are «critically endangered».
Belladonna (March lily)
Amaryllis family

Bulb. Clusters of blushed-pink, funnel-shaped flowers resembling trumpets borne on green, fleshy stem during Autumn (Mar). Strap-shaped leaves resembling agapanthus emerge after flowering. Seed: large fleshy pearls also borne in pods in clusters.
Haemanthus (Paintbrush lily)
Amaryllis family
Bulb, brilliant crimson, candle-holder shaped flower emerging from ground on fleshy red-white stem; yellow brush-like stamens (Winter, Mar-Apr). Two leathery, finely-haired leaves emerge at ground level after flowering. One of the first Cape bulbs to be transported and cultivated in Holland. «Rare».
Brunsvigia (Chandelier/ Candelabra lily)
Amaryllis family.

Large, onion-shaped, deeply-buried bulbs. Chandelier-shaped ball of pink-red flowers borne on fleshy stem (Mar-May). Once dry, the chandeliers tumble across open terrain in the wind.
Gethyllis (Kukumakranka)
Amaryllis family
Bulb, delicate white flowers resembling small St Joseph’s lilies emerging from the ground (Summer, Dec-Jan). When not in flower, spiral, strap-shaped leaves, brilliant green. Fragrant fruit, fleshy and worm-shaped, emerge in early winter and were traditionally used to flavour brandy and for perfume. Kukumakranka is the Khoisan word for the plant. «Near threatened».
Strumeria (Cape Snowflake)
Amaryllis family

Dainty bulb, with threadlike leaves. White or pink flowers (Mar-Apr).
Wachendorfia (Butterfly lily)
Bloodroot family

Rhizome, bearing spike of yellow and apricot-coloured flowers in spring.
Iris family

Moraea Neglecta: corm, bearing yellow, Iris-shaped flower, petals unfurled in show during sunny afternoons only, beautifully marked, textured and scented, on erect stalk. Spring (Sep-Nov).
Iris family

Robust corm, bearing tough, lance-shaped leaves; orange-red, tubular flowers borne on erect stalks from Sep-Dec (Spring-Summer). Bears numerous wind-dispersed seeds in capsules that ripen and burst open, and rustle in the wind. 50cm-1.5m in height. Young leaves browsed by antelope.
Babiana nana  (Bobbejantjie)
Iris family

Brilliant patches of mauve-and-white to purple-and-white flowers with glossy short, sword-shaped, ribbed leaves, appearing from deeply buried corms. Flowering during Spring (Aug-Sep). 5cm-15cm in height. Name derived from Afrikaans «Bobbejaantjie» - baboons that favour this corm. «Endangered».
Babiana ringens (Rat-tailed babiana)
Iris family

Brilliant crimson-orange flowers, symmetrically arranged like basketry, with erect glossy sword-shaped, vertically-ribbed leaves, appearing from deeply buried corms. Main stem, resembling a rat’s tail, acts as a perch for sugarbirds. Flowers in Spring (Aug-Sep). 10cm-25cm in height.
Gladiolus carinatus (Afrikaner/ Blou-pypie)
Iris family

Beautifully scented, bell-shaped pink-mauve flowers, with pale creamy yellow centers, borne on delicate, erect stems, between 30cm-60cm in height. Flowering in Spring (Aug-Sep). Slender, lance-shaped leaves. Cormous. You will smell the heady, violet fragrance well before spotting the plant. Winged seeds form in capsules.
Gladiolus caryophyllaceus
Iris family

Beautifully scented, bell-shaped, mid-to-deep pink flowers, streaked and speckled with deeper tones, borne on robust, erect stems, between 30cm-90cm in height. Flowering in Spring (Aug-Sep). Lance-shaped leaves. Cormous. Winged seeds form in capsules. This plant was rediscovered at Nirvana Farm in 2005, after thought being extinct in this area for more than 130 years. «Seeds from the original specimen we rediscovered have been investured in the Millennium Seed Bank at Kew Gardens. »
Gladiolus jonquilliodorus
Iris family

Carnation scented, bell-shaped creamy yellow flowers, streaked and speckled with brown tones, borne on robust, erect stems, between 30cm-90cm in height. Flowering in Summer (Dec), so rarely seen. Lance-shaped leaves. Cormous. This was first seen of this species in this area. «Endangered».
Gladiolus alatus (Kalkoentjie)
Iris family

Small plant with multi-coloured flowers, with distinct configuration and colouration of upper and lower tepals. Flowers in spring.
Pseudoselago (Powderpuff)
Sutera family

Annual, flowering in spring and summer, with compact, flat clusters of mauve flowers borne on a spike.
Adenandra (China Flower/ Porseleinblom)
Citrus family

Ericoid shrub, with lovely star-shaped, pink flowers, with deeper coloured centres extending outwards in a thin swipe, borne on branch tips. Flowers most of the year (Jan-Oct). «Rare».
Amphithalea ericifolia (Persbossie)
Pea family

Erect shrublet, with lance-shaped leaves, bearing clusters of deep pink to mauve flowers in spring. «Critically endangered».
Lachenalia (Cape Cowslip)
Hyacinth family

Small, relatively deeply buried bulb, emerging usually en masse, after first winter rains (Apr-Jul), and soon after bright deep-pink to red and even orange, tubular flowers appear, borne in clusters on purple pedicel. Delicate, lance-shaped leaves, purple to green, often spotted. 5cm-10cm in height. They are the first to herald a coming winter.
Salvia lanceolata (Wild sage)
Mint family

Aromatic grey shrub, bearing pink-brown flowers on sturdy stems.
Ruschia tecta (Turret fig)
Ice plant family

Erect shrub with fleshy, needle-shaped leaves, bearing clusters of purple flowers that open in sunlight. «Endangered».
Lampranthus aureus (Golden brightfig)
Ice plant family

Erect or spreading shrub, with small fleshy leaves. In spring bearing masses of brilliant orange flowers that open in sunlight. «Endangered».
Erica ferrea (Iron heath)
Erica family

Erect shrub with typical ericoid leaves, bearing masses of tiny, blueberry-shaped pink flowers in clusters. «Endangered».
Erica mammosa (Ninepin heath)
Erica family

Erect shrub with typical ericoid leaves, bearing fleshy, tubular flowers in variations of cream, pink, orange and even green in clusters on the tip of the stem.
Oxalis (Sorrel)
Oxalis family

Perennial, low-growing plant with clover-like leaves, bearing pink, orange, yellow or white flowers that unfurl in sunlight. 
Petalacte coronate (Wildesewejaartjie)
Daisy family

Shrublet with grey felted leaves, with clusters of white, papery flowerheads.
Struthiola ciliata (Featherhead)
Daphne family

Erect shrub, with honey-scented cream to yellow flowers and small lance-shaped leaves on tapering stem.
Gnidia (Saffron bush)
Daphne family

Ericoid shrub with pale pink, scented flowers borne in a head on branch tips.
Daisy family
Annual shrub, with purpleflowers on long, erect peduncles. Also occurs in yellow and white. Glossy, hairy green leaves.
Disa draconis (White disa)
Orchid family

Slender perennial tuber, with narrow basal leaves that are usually dry when the plant is in flower at the start of summer. Lightly scented. «Endangered».
Disa cornuta
Orchid family

Robust, tall tuberous perennial, that bears purple and white flowers, each with a distinctive dark spot, borne on a spike.
Stylapteris fruticolosis (Flats brickleaf)
Penaea family

Erect shrub, with attractive, paddle-shaped leaves. Small, yellow-red flowers and seed pods borne along stems. «Endangered».
Bellflower family

Sprawling shrublet, bearing creamy white flowers in summer that open in sunlight and are lightly scented. «Vulnerable».
Romulea (Froetang)
Iris family

Perennial cormous plant with sturdy, threadlike leaves, bearing creamy white trumpet-shaped flowers with yellow centres, in spring.
Diosma (Bitter Buchu)
Citrus family

Ericoid shrub, used medicinally and for flavourings and fragrance. Flowers and starfruit-shaped seed capsules borne on stem tips. Traditionally used to flavour brandy.
Macrostylis villosa (Hairy bigstyle)
Citrus family

Rounded, low-growing shrub with deep green, lance-shaped leaves, with attractive, tight clusters of white flowers, with pronounced stamens, on branch tips. «Endangered».
Rafnia angulata angulata
Pea family

Erect shrub bearing masses of yellow flowers. Seeds in pea-shaped pods.
Aspalathus retroflexa bicolor
Pea family

Sprawling groundcover, bearing yellow to orange and purple flowers. Small, spiny leaves. «Critically endangered».
Microdon capitatus (Katstertbos)
Sutera family

Spreading, ericoid shrub, bearing spikes of white flowers in summer. «Endangered».
Trichocephalus stipularis (Hondegesiggie)
Phylica family

Ericoid shrub, with sweetly scented, small, woolly flowers borne on stem tips. Distinct stipules at the base of leathery leaves.