Nirvana Fynbos Reserve
Volunteers have an opportunity to participate in some of these activities.
We also host small-medium Events, Workshops, Exhibitions and Film/Photographic Shoots in quiet, idyllic natural surroundings. Contact us to enquire.
Nirvana Fynbos Reserve is an equestrian retreat and fynbos rehabilitation project located 35 minutes from Cape Town on the West Coast.

The reserve is approximately 30 hectares in extent and is situated in the critically endangered Sandveld fynbos biome. This biome is home to many exceedingly rare species of both fauna and flora, many on the brink of extinction. This is due to a number of reasons primarily caused by man – this includes runaway growth of alien species of plant including Port Jackson, Australian Myrtle, Bluegum, Pine, Wattle and Rooikrans; destruction of habitat for farming and grazing; veld fires and pollution.

Nirvana Farm was acquired by Rosh Sewpersad and Tony Martin in 2006. At this time it had suffered years of neglect and was in a very poor state on all fronts. Through an intensive, ongoing alien-clearing effort, we have managed to rehabilitate over 90% of the natural fynbos to date. In spring the farm once again reverbrates with joy as it showcases its breathtaking, multicoloured and varied natural abundance.
In fact, we have recently discovered an original species of gladiolus which was thought to have become extinct in the area 130 years ago! Seeds and cuttings harvested at Nirvana Fynbos Reserve have been collected by the SA National Biodiversity Institute for the Millenium Seedbank Project based at Kew Gardens.

Eradication of alien vegetation and fynbos rehabilitation is an ongoing task however, as seedbeds can remain dormant for 60-100 years. This means that we constantly have to keep on top of regrowth.

As funds and manpower are limited, we offer the opportunity for interested volunteers to help us in this very rewarding task. Basically it comes down to you volunteering your physical labour - tasks include cutting down/ uprooting of alien vegetation and applying herbicide to prevent re-growth. Please bring suitable tools e.g. secateurs, hand spades, tree poppers etc. (although some of the invasive species can be uprooted by hand). You must also come prepared to work outdoors (bring gloves/ hat/ sunblock/ water/ etc.)

In return, we offer volunteers the opportunity of enjoying the amenities and activities on the farm. These include horse riding, interacting with horses, fynbos walking trails, organic vegetable gardens, meditation retreats, reiki treatments, etc. You can think of it as a “talent exchange” – your labour in exchange for some peace and tranquillity, communing with some very rare nature. Interested volunteers can email Rosh at
We have 6 resident horses. Our stables are also available for livery if you are looking for a relaxed environment for your horse to be well cared for. There are numerous tracks and bridle paths suitable for all gaits. Riding in spring is literally riding in a sea of multicoloured flowers! There are also natural obstacles as well as cross-country jumps. Rosh and Tony also participate in the exciting sport of combined driving at Western Province level. You need to be an experienced rider, under 85kg, if you would like to join us for a ride or carriage drive.
Meet the horses:
Linton Danny Cassey
Flame Lily   Storm
Flame Lily  
See how many different fynbos species you can identify on your walk. And if you bring your camera, don't forget to upload your observations to iSpot.
Nirvana Farm is a birdwatching paradise. From the brilliant, tiny sunbirds that visit daily, to huge raptors, and everything in between. We also have resident owls who have nested in our owlboxes.
Owlboxes are an ecologically-friendly alternative to applying toxic chemicals for rodent control, thereby ensuring seedbanks are not consumed unsustainably.
In addition to our indigenous plant gardens, we have also set up food gardens were we plant a variety of vegetables, fruit and herbs that can survive the climate. We have also hosted workshops dealing with composting, growing herbs and vegetables. We also have beehives and poultry on the farm.
We are able to host small to medium sized events. Our two indoors venues can seat about 20 people each comfortably. Open-air events can accommodate many more. Nirvana is perfect venue for workshops focussing on holistic therapies, meditation, yoga etc.
We offer Reiki for both animals and their owners. Reiki is an ancient Eastern healing therapy that stimulates the bodies own regenerative ability, and rebalances the body's energetic centres (chakras) and harmonises the flow of energy through the physical and spirit body. People report a sense of profound relaxation, wellbeing and accelerated healing following a few sessions. It is evident that animals feel the same way as they "bliss out" almost instantly.

Both Rosh and Tony have studied and practiced Reiki for a number of years, and Rosh has been initiated as a Reiki Master.

Rosh and Tony have also undertaken advanced interspecies communication studies under the mentorship of Anna Breytenbach and Wynter Worsthorne.

In combination with Bowen and other hands-on Touch therapies, you and your animal can be assured of a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. We do consultations by request. Get in touch if you would like to experience a session.

The sculpture studio opens out into a private sculpture garden and offers the best of indoors/outdoors space in which to be creative. Many original works of sculpture, painting and photography are also on display. Rosh also offers a small and exclusive selection of his sculptures for sale and undertakes commissions.
Nirvana is also a popular location for film and photographic shoots, offering a variety of locations from open veld and fynbos, to spring flowers or landscaped gardens, to rustic indoors, stables etc.