Nirvana Fynbos Reserve
  Rosh Sewpersad
Founder and Director

In 2012, Rosh was named one of the Top 200 Young South Africans for his work on Nirvana Fynbos Reserve and his contribution to the environment. His work has also been recognised by numerous other organisations and agencies and has been profiled in numerous journals and publications.
Rosh has been active in non-governmental, professional and social organisations from an early age and his academic background is in computer science, languages and skills development. He is also an artist, facilitator, host, healer and horseman.
  Tony Martin
Founder and Co-director

Tony is usually known in fashion circles as being the most celebrated and award-winning stylist in South Africa. He also has a deep and abiding love of nature, horses and other animals, and is dedicated to conservation and developing new talent. His salon, Yazo 4 Hair, is also one of the first "Green Salons" in South Africa.
  Other Useful Contacts:
  City of Cape Town Conservation Stewardships
Ulrike Irlich